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The Tenebaum Family -- Pesach for Less

BASKING RIDGE, N.J.         2017/5777         

Due to unforseen circumstances, Pesach For Less will NOT be able to hold a program for 2017. Read below for more information.

Passover 2016

Enjoy a wonderful Pesach 2016 with the Tenenbaum Family at the Empire Meadowlands Hotel in Secaucus, N.J.

Check In: April 21st 2016 
Check Out: May 1st 2016 


Have a wonderful Pesach 2015 with the Tenenbaum Family at the Glen Cove Mansion Hotel and Conference Center in Glen Clove, New York.




Read the news. Pesach For Less just had to switch to a better hotel for 2014. Below is what is written on their site.

To all our current valued customers,
Please take a few minutes to read this letter in its entirety. 
The end of the story is GREAT NEWS for all! 
We hope you will understand and will agree we chose wisely, and we are offering a full 
refund for those who feel differently. So without further introduction here goes... 
Friday noon we went to Lafayette Yard Hotel to confirm that locks were being installed 
and that other details of our event were going to run smoothly. Little did we know 
what a surprise we were in for. We walked into a construction zone. Without any 
warning or discussion with us, the Hotel began renovations. There seems to have 
been an issue with regard to the Hotel’s Liquor License, so the Hotel decided, that 
while all the paperwork gets straightened out, they should do their remodeling of 
the bar and lobby areas. No communication was sent to us regarding this 
construction that would close off the bar and lobby areas during our Pesach stay. 
We asked the Hotel to reverse course and put the Lobby and Bar back to some 
usable and comfortable way. The Manager said a flat NO, got up from the meeting, 
and said, “Just cancel the event”. 
As you can imagine, we were shocked and aghast. 
We felt so bad to disappoint our guests who had their highest expectations in the beauty
and comforts of the Hotel. We came home Friday to spend a very depressing 
Shabbos, with no clear direction on how to proceed. Guided by pure Siyata 
Dishmaya, a magnificent hotel and resort became available to us. We decided to
make the move. 
More important, we are prepared to offer the same great program as in years past, and 
hope you can join us and agree we made the right decision. 
The name of the New hotel is Bushkill Falls Inn and Resort. It is located in the 
beautiful Pocono foothills. It is less than 2 hours from NY and 1 hour from Newark 
Airport. The Bushkill Inn has many amenities, including a spa, indoor pool, 
outdoor activities, and is in a lovely country setting. 
Looking forward to greeting you personally,
Shmully and Giti Tenenbaum" 


Enjoy Pesach away from home with The Thenebuam Family at the Dolce Basking Ridge in Basking Ridge, N.J. without the worry of an empty wallet.

1 Comment and Reviews

Female, Age 50-65, Guest, First Time, Full Stay (2015)
How well did you enjoy the overall cleanliness of the hotel? 10/10
What room did you stay in? 1 bedroom
How many people stayed in this room? 2
How well do you think the hotel staff did in making you feel comfortable? 10//10
How well did you enjoy the hotel amenities? 10/10
Specifically, what did you enjoy most about this hotel? (and why?) the staff at the hotel were very accommodating and respectful of our customs. They went out of their way to give us directions and info on chol hamoed activities. The chambermaids were excellent.
Overall, how well did you enjoy the food? 10/10
How would you rate the cleanliness of your dining? 10/10
How do you feel your waiter(s) has treated you? 10/10
How well did you enjoy the Entertainment/Lectures? 10/10
Which of the following were you most interested in? Torah Lectures, Lectures (general)
Of the ones you checked in the previous question, how did they meet your expectations? 10/10
How would you rate your overall experience at this program? 10/10
How would you rate your overall experience at this program? 10/10
Is there anything you would like to tell others about this program? The welcome, the organization, from the start (a man in a kippah outside holding an umbrella in the rain greeting you as you pulled up to the driveway and gave you instructions regarding parking, checking in and luggage unloading). This was unbelievable. The achdus and warmth of the organizers and the guests were wonderful. From chassidim to modern orthodox-everyone was friendly and courteous. This is our 6th Pesach going away to 6 different programs and this is by far the best. My husband already wants to put a deposit down for next year ! The food was wonderful-the activities, swimming, health club, day camp-all run very professionally. Can't kvell enough !

1 comment:

  1. 2015 with Pesach for Less in Glen Cove, L.I. was wonderful. The food, the people, the accommodations, the ruchniyos, could not have been better. My husband wanted to leave a deposit for Pesach 2016 already.! The organization and warmth of the staff was outstanding. This was our 6th time going away for Pesach and the 6th different program and this was by far, the best. We paid double this 2 years ago and this, by far, surpasses that one. Most of the other guests were returnees so that says alot..