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Gateways - Florida

Passover 2016

The famous Gateways Pesach Program will be hosting a lengendary and luxurious Pesach 2016 at the 
W Fort Lauderdale in Ft lauderdale, Florida.

Rates: Call for Rates

Check In: April 21st 2016
Check Out: May 1st 2016


  1. Gateways is thinning out their Stamford program by adding a FL program to try and make eve more money. They will find out most of the older crowd will not want to minimize what we need to take just to fly to Florida. Hopefully they did not sign a long term deal in FL and most of speakers will be back in CT next year.

  2. Program was awful. Location was horrible. Hotel was overcrowded. Waiters were terrible and uneducated about peasach. And the food don't get me started.