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Royalty Retreats


R O Y A L T Y  R E T R E A T S

Relax Pesach 2015 at the Hilton Hotel in Brandywine Valley, DE.

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  1. Do you have any reviews on the Royalty Retreats Pesach in
    Newark, DE (Brandywine Valley,DE) from 2014?

    1. Never tasted such good food

    2. I was there.
      It was far and away the worst Pesach overall experience I have ever gone to in over two decades
      Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere. Choose a reputable program
      I cannot state strongly enough what a really lousy time we and so many others had.
      I cannot believe they have the nerve to do it again.
      Do not be seduced by a low price !
      They misled people and acted in an extremely poor manner.
      They will promise you almost anything you ask for and then fail to deliver.
      Too late at that point you have already paid.
      In an oilem sheker they fit the bill well

  2. #mostawesomepersonaroundFebruary 11, 2015 at 5:22 PM

    Awesome program best food and gourmet catering, with fresh baked goods

  3. food was amazing thanks to the awesome chef Chezky Neiman of Ateres Chynka.
    Baked goods were amazing, thanks to the awesome baker Mr. Weiss.
    Hotel was Hilton standards, as far as they could be.
    Program by Royalty Retreats mismanaged to the hilt!
    The Presses don't lnow anything about catering to guests for a Pesach program, or probably any program.

  4. A straight out failure
    Yes he food was good but if dinner is served after midnight then your program is a failure
    Dirty- Overcrowded- A joke of a program
    I am not exaggerating
    Not worth it at any price

  5. Does anyone know how they did in '16 and '17? Thanks.

  6. Avoid at all costs..

  7. evidently this is continuing in 2018. please do your due diligence before booking with royalty retreats and or platinum events / Press. the horror shows that have been coming out is sickening