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Prime Experience - Puerto Rico


Spend Passover 2015 with Prime Experience at one of Puerto Ricos most magnificent resorts - The W Resort and Spa on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. 

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  1. Have been to numerous Passover programs over the last 30 years and the Prime Experience in Vieques was without doubt the very worst by far- While the weather was fine and the hotel was beautiful, the food at this program extremely disappointing- Poor selection and even worse presentation- Toward the end of the holiday many guests became violently ill, most likely from spoiled food that had been served- Hard to believe, but Prime ran out of staples like milk and even salt shakers were nowhere to be found!!- No nightly entertainment whatsoever, expect for a comedian at 10:00 PM on the last night of the program- All in all very disheartening and not the program we had expected from Prime!!!