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A Different Pesach Program

ORLANDO, FLORIDA       2017/5777

The most relaxing & affordable way to enjoy Pesach in beautiful Orlando Florida. A Different Pesach Program are returning for their 13th year to Orlando  “a five-star hotel program without the hotel”.


A Different Pesach Program welcomes you, for its' 12th year, to Windsor Palms or invite you to their new location at Paradise Palms. All in Orlando, Florida to enjoy a five star Passover program without the hotel. 

Choose from a 3, 4, 5 , or 6 bedroom villa and town homes together with their Resort and Villa Amenities.

Check In: April 21st 2016 at  4:00 PM
Check Out: May 1st 2016 at 10:00 AM

Villas $3000 and up
Food: Adults  $1350 and up; Children 4-12 $650 and up
Kasher fee: $200 per villa
Gratuity: $400-$500 per villa



Enjoy Pesach in your very own private villa in sunny Orlando, Florida.



Enjoy Pesach in your very own private villa in sunny Orlando, Florida.

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    Queena75 Oct 10, 2013 11:32 AM
    I went last year. It is an ideal program for young families who want to be able to go away but not deal with the hassle of little kids in a hotel room. The houses are nice and comfortable though its best to look at the houses online, some are nicer than others. The food is very plentiful and perfectly decent. Nothing fancy but not shabbaton food either. Not a lot if fresh veggies, more kugels and tsimmes but you can always buy salad yourself. We are big eaters and always had way too much food. You pick up breakfast from a central location in the morning- both ingredients like eggs, milk, matzo, careal, yogurts, cheese and prepared foods like pancakes and french toast- and yontif meals are delivered to the house. Nice crowd, I never made it to davening but those who did enjoyed it. What else do you want to know? If you go in NOT expecting a hotel experience (fancy food, to s if variety, tea room) you'll be very pleased.
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    1. re: Queena75

      LA Hungry Oct 10, 2013 12:30 PM
      We are looking as well. Any detail on the number of options for each meal? Did they have set menu for the yom tov meals or can you choose? We are a large family with lots of kids and picky eaters and want to make sure that there will be food for both the kids and grown ups. What are the options for food during chol hamoed? Also - do you pick your specific house or do they choose? Lastly, how far is the shul from the houses?
      1. re: LA Hungry

        Queena75 Oct 10, 2013 05:59 PM
        No options per se, as far as main courses, at least with meat meals. Its a set menu. Soup, fish, a meat - chicken, flanken, veal, roast- and a few sides.And dessert. The dairy meals would have soup, fish and some other more kid friendly option like pizza or blintzes. They gave so much food we did put plenty away so if there was something at a meal one kid liked we had enough for another meal or two for that kid. And there's always a lot of yogurt and cottage cheese. My kids are super picky and ate a lot of bananas, eggs and baked sweet potatoes- the potatoes I bought at the supermarket. And a few things here and there I found that they liked. On chol hamoed you either pick up boxed lunch items at breakfast or you can pick up lunch at lunchtime. Dinner was communal in the "clubhouse" which is actually a huge tent outside that is also the shul. It was nice to socialize a bit. There was also a kiddush after shul every day. Simple but nice. Also on yontif there was an ice cream/ nosh party at 4 every day on the playground, which was nice. There was also always nosh to pick up at breakfast time. I know people who brought down junk for their kids and felt really dumb, there was tons. How far the shul is depends on where your house is. Some are close and some are far. It definitely pays to really look at the map and make sure you get a good house. He will tell you what works for your family but you can ask if there's anything else, say you need to be close. You have to be on top of it. You also can rent the house directly from the Windsor Palms and not go through him, he's fine with it. Every house has a web page with pics and maps. Again, I have been to hotels, this is not that. At all. Its good food and plentiful but very simple, nothing in the least bit gourmet. But you will have what to eat and we loved having the houses to spread out in. We loved putting the kids to sleep and having our seders. You just have to go with the right expectations. It was perfect for us for this stage in life- tons of little kid cousins and wanting to all be together.
        1. re: Queena75

          Paulfan1 Oct 10, 2013 06:32 PM
          thanks for the info!!!


    1. food is poor. the owner has a bad attitude. He got into a public verbal altercation.

    2. i have been going to this program for over ten years now and have been very happy with it and how it is run. the food while isn't "hotel" food still is incredible. the staff and service are on the ball always. also on the site here it says the other location is paradise palms but it is really champions gate, i know because i saw on there website and also because thats were i am now and it is beautiful, like absolutely gorgeous.

    3. A truly unique experience. The food was excellent (Mazone catererers). Amazing scholar this year (Rav Simcha Bunim Berger). The Ruchniyus complimented the Gashmiyus. A wonderful camp led by Chaya Lasson from Baltimore and Kelly Tokayer from Florida. You have your villa so you can enjoy your meals with your family. This year each family had heir own personal server which made things run smoothly. Was pretty hot, but hey, it's Florida.